About Fast Mold Removal

ABOUT US:  Fast Mold Removal, the company best known as Mold Solutions and the “MMR guys” has officially changed our company name to Bad Axe Products, LLC.  The new name reflects the evolving focus and standards of our company as we continue to expand and develop new and innovative products.

Based in Frankfort, Illinois, we distribute our products through www.BadAxeProducts.com, www.FastMoldRemoval.com, and other distributors.  Bad Axe Products has announced an aggressive roll-out of new products to enhance industry standard practices and streamline field technician efforts.  These products will be supported by a cutting-edge marketing campaign starting in the spring of 2017.

ABOUT MMR:  MMR mold stain remover is the industry’s premier mold stain remover. It is a commercial grade mold and mildew stain remover formulated to immediately eliminate mold and mildew stains present on wood and other hard surfaces. MMR mold stain remover penetrates soiled areas almost instantly, leaving surfaces clean and free from mold stains. This biodegradable product is manufactured daily in the United States and shipped on demand to our customers.

AVAILABILITY:  FastMoldRemoval.com and BadAxeProducts.com, both distribute MMR; a line of personal protective equipment; spray equipment; and other mold remediation products that work independently and in conjunction with MMR mold stain remover.  MMR mold stain remover is also sold around the country by various distributors.

CANADA:  MMR mold stain remover is available for in Canada.  We currently distribute MMR mold stain remover and Bad Axe Particulate Conqueror through Abatement Technologies.  They can be reached at 905-871-4720 or at www.Abatement.com.

SERVICE WORK:  Mold Solutions of Chicago & Mold Solutions of St. Louis offer professional mold remediation services in both of those market places. Each location has used all of the products from our site for a number of years so you can be assured that they are all field tested under the most rigorous conditions and standards. More information on their services is available at www.moldchicago.com and www.moldstlouis.com.
MMR mold stain remover is used daily by a large number of mold remediation professionals.  We are happy to refer homeowners and building occupants to these professionals.