MMR Mold Stain Remover Stands Above All Tested

That question was posed on The Clean Trust Member Group, a LinkedIn forum consisting of 3,596 professionals that participate in the cleaning, inspection, and restoration industries.

Results of the survey produced the following results…

Mold Stain Remover/Chemical: 58%

Dry Ice Blasting: 23%

Wire Brushing: 17%

Soda Blasting: 0%

This survey followed a lively thread conversation titled, “Does anyone know of a product that can be sprayed to remove mold staining especially on sheathing in attics?” The thread focused on various mold removal products, their in-situ successes and limitations, and how important mold stain removal is in the mold remediation process offered to customers.

Thread participants from the hygienist community focused on the relative unimportance of mold staining and the fact that following proper mold remediation and post remedial clearance, mold staining could be explained away to occupants and potential occupants as a harmless side effect.

The contractor community seemed to focus on what was considered an acceptable standard for remediating unconditioned areas like attics and crawl spaces, costs and logistical issues with media blasting, and consumer preferences regarding the “removal” of the mold stain – especially as being proof that the mold had been properly treated.

Both “camps” made logical points and provided valuable insight. Ultimately, the entire line of thought resulted in a conclusion that all mold remediation jobs are unique and that any of the survey alternatives (mold stain removers/chemicals; dry ice; wire brushing; and/or soda blasting) may prove beneficial on a case-by-case basis.