Bad Axe Particulate Conqueror


Improve your clearance test results today with Bad Axe Particulate Conqueror.  Bad Axe Particulate Conqueror is a water-soluble resin that can be fogged in the air or applied directly to surfaces.  It surrounds contaminants that are both airborne and surface-borne and immobilizes the contaminants on surfaces to be cleaned before, during and after the remediation or restoration procedure. 

Product Description

What is Bad Axe Particulate Conqueror?  Bad Axe Particulate Conqueror is a mild blend of uniquely charged surfactants used as a cleaning aid.  It is designed for use in remediation, demolition, and water- and fire-restoration cleanup of residential and commercial properties.

How it works:  Bad Axe Particulate Conqueror surrounds airborne and surface-borne particulate debris, immobilizing them on surfaces to be cleaned before, during and/or after a remedial procedure.  This results in contamination control of the work place and adjoining spaces.  Use Bad Axe Particulate Conqueror to enhance your remedial process and improve air sampling and lift test results.

Usage instructions:  Dilute Bad Axe Particulate Conqueror 16 ounces per gallon of water.  That can also be calculated as 1 part Bad Axe Particulate Conqueror to 8 parts water.  Fog or mist into air and, on surfaces, following the establishment of containment and after appropriate engineering measures are in place.  Allow to dry.  For optimal results, then vacuum surfaces with a HEPA-filtered vacuum.  Run HEPA-filtered air scrubbers for a period consistent with industry standards.

Additional Information:  Always use proper PPE and approved respiratory protection during any project.  Allow product to tack before demo, source removal or testing.  Re-apply as often as needed to control airborne particulate.  Clean fogging or misting equipment with warm water.  Bad Axe Particulate Conqueror contains no heavy metals, no fragrances, is non-reactive, VOC compliant, and corrosion- and abrasion-resistant. 

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Additional Information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 14 in