Improper dilution of concentrate chemicals can lead to loss of efficacy.  The “Glug, Glug” method of estimating chemical quantity during the mixing process is probably more prevalent than anyone would like to admit.  It’s an inaccurate and unacceptable standard that can have negative consequences on job site outcomes.

Bad Axe ONSLAUGHT disinfectant comes in innovative premeasured packaging.  Why is that so important?

  1. ONSLAUGHT is innovatively packaged in premeasured packs. Precise measuring guarantees accurate-strength solutions every time.
  2. ONSLAUGHT premeasured packs allow your staff to accurately mix anywhere in the facility.
  3. ONSLAUGHT premeasured packs eliminate the complexity and wasteful over-mixing associated with gallons, pails, and drums.
  4. ONSLAUGHT premeasured packs save untold amounts of time and money by reducing waste, simplifying training, and doing a better job faster – the solution for worker productivity and consistent results.

Watch as Monty from Bad Axe Products challenges contestants to accurately pour cleaning products based upon the “Glug, Glug” method. Very funny, yet informative.

Bad Axe ONSLAUGHT Disinfectant