Bad Axe Restoration Products recently commissioned a white paper on the science of particulate control from one of nation’s premier environmental consulting experts. 



Recently, Bad Axe Products, LLC, commissioned a white paper to benefit the construction, restoration, remediation, and commercial cleaning industries. Michael A. Pinto, CSP, CMP, Chief Executive Officer of Wonder Makers Environmental, Inc., was tasked with creating a document that would clearly define effective methods for particulate control in the indoor environment.


Mr. Pinto was entrusted with this endeavor due to his decades of involvement with indoor environmental quality (IEQ) issues and these industries. The white paper, The Importance of Dust Control during Construction and Remediation Projects, was recently completed and is currently under peer-review for inclusion in an upcoming issue of the IICRC’s technical publication, The Journal of Cleaning, Restoration & Inspection (Journal).


Bad Axe Products, the innovators behind Bad Axe Particulate Conqueror, understood that professionals from these industries would benefit from a paper on this important topic from a renowned industry veteran. Mr. Pinto’s professional experiences and commitment to exposure concerns for everything from lead and asbestos to mold and bacteria made him the ideal author.


Equally important, was his understanding and expertise involving real-world particulate control techniques. In many circumstances this involves fogging for particle control as a method to enhance air scrubbing. The use of thermal foggers or ultralow volume (ULV) foggers to produce a particulate cleansing fog and the importance of droplet size, charge, dispersion, and “cling” are all addressed in the document.


To optimize fogging techniques for particle control, the industries’ most effective solution was introduced earlier this year. Bad Axe Particulate Conqueror (aka Bad Axe PC) has already provided countless contractors and remediation professionals with dramatically improved project processes and enhanced post-remedial clearance results.  Bad Axe PC is a blend of uniquely charged surfactants used as a cleaning aid that provides unparalleled product effectiveness, ease of use, and value. It is a water-soluble resin that can be fogged in the air or applied directly to surfaces. It surrounds contaminants that are both airborne and surface-borne and immobilizes the contaminants on surfaces to be cleaned before, during, and after the remediation or restoration procedure. The end result is superior contamination control of the workplace and adjoining spaces.


“We are committed to sharing information, best practices and products to optimize particulate control with our industry partners and customers,” said Chris Heller with Bad Axe Products, LLC. “We are pleased to have provided resources for the development of this important white paper and are proud to create products, such as Bad Axe PC, that directly enhance the ability, effectiveness and profitability of our clients’ endeavors.”



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