Mold in Your Home

Mold in the Home – What to Look For

There are certain areas of a home where mold can really become a problem if it goes unchecked.  The MMR mold stain removal system from is specially formulated to eliminate mold stains. MMR mold stain remover can effectively treat and prevent mold growth in your home when combined with other disinfectants and antimicrobials.

In most homes, a basement laundry room is the perfect example of a breeding ground for mold. It’s dark, damp or humid, possibly exposed wood or non treated drywall. These combinations can create and promote mold growth. Take a close look at your basement and/or attic to start. Look for any discoloration in wood studs or plywood. Discoloration can be dirt or mold. If you can see mold or smell the musk of mold, it’s already bad and you should consult a mold removal specialist.  In quire about MMR mold stain removal for rpaid mold removal, as well as Shockwave Disinfectant for disinfection purposes.  Mold removal specialists have the ability to test and treat for mold before it gets too dangerous. 

Attics are a common area for mold growth because there are many entry points. If an attic is not properly ventilated and has little circulation of air, mold can grow. Treating and removing mold is a great start but if there are ventilation problems, you will continue to run the risk of a mold problem. Take preventative measures with your attic as well as corrective actions to get the air moving in and out.   

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