Shockwave Disinfectant – Helping Hurricane Sandy Clean Up

If you’re like many others that have been affected by the hurricane Sandy devastation then you probably have or had mold. Mold is something that no one wants see. It’s something that if you leave untreated it can kill.

Once you have killed the mold using either our MMR Mold Remover or bleach then it’s time for the next step. Don’t just treat the mold and then leave it alone. Make sure that it’s gone forever and won’t grow back in the same spot. Shockwave is a disinfectant product that you need for completely resolving a mold issue.

Shockwave is a disinfectant that you use after the process of mold remover. Shockwave will make sure that the mold won’t grow back. It will also sanitize the area. Shockwave is one of the best mold disinfectants you can buy.

At Fast Mold Remover we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our disinfectant. It’s a product to use and has proven to stop mold growth.  Shockwave has killed over 130 different organisms, which if you have been affected by the hurricane, would be great for you to use.

We at Fast Mold Removal are here to help disinfect all traces of mold. It’s a very serious issue and we take pride in our work. Shockwave is one of our signature products. It goes on AFTER you bleach or use MMR Mold Remover. Do NOT use it as a mold killer.

Uses for Shockwave disinfectant:

  • Wood
  • Carpet
  • Concrete
  • Dirt
  • Glass
  • Laminate Countertops
  • Finished Wood
  • Steel
  • Tile


Once you have cured mold damage from one or more of the surfaces listed above Shockwave would be a perfect disinfectant product for you to use. It will penetrate the porous surfaces and will make sure on the non- porous surfaces that the mold will not return.