Mold Removal Protective Equipment

Full Face RespiratorMold restoration technicians use powerful chemicals that are extremely effective in removing and disinfecting mold. These mold removal and disinfectant chemicals can contain potentially harmful fumes and properties that can irritate the skin and should be addressed to safely remove and treat mold.

Mold removal and disinfectant chemicals should also be applied using the proper application sprayers. canisters, and foggers. We carry a range of spray canisters from a 1 liter hand sprayer to a 2 gallon backpack for maximum distribution of the mold removal chemicals. These canisters are rated to safely and effectively apply mold removal chemicals as well as disinfectants. After the mold has been removed, we recommend using our Fogmaster NozLJet Fogger to evenly apply biocides, disinfectants, and antimicrobials to the treated areas as an extra precaution against mold.

More Mold Removal Protective Equipment


We also carry breathing respirators and eye protection with our full face respirator masks from 3M. While applying a mold removal chemical, it is a good idea to wear our coveralls to protect both your skin and your clothes from any splashes, drips, or mists that may be formed when applying the MMR mold remover. We do carry different levels of coveralls for small jobs and large industrial jobs for maximum protection.  Rapid mold removal can be accomplished with the proper chemicals and equipment.