Shockwave – Disinfecting Hurricane Sandy Damage

Cleaning up after a natural weather disaster such as Hurricane Sandy leaves residential homes and commercial buildings vulnerable to mold due to unsanitary and infected surfaces. Using ShockWave disinfectant will protect porous and nonporous surfaces found in and around structural damage and those areas where mold may live beyond what you can see.

ShockWave is a ready-to-use disinfectant for commercial disaster restoration and service contractors in the fight to prevent future mold outbreaks.  Failure to thoroughly disinfect all surfaces after mold removal may lead to health and structural problems even after removing all live and dead spores. ShockWave disinfectant compliments MMR Mold Stain Remover forming a powerful combination of mold removal and mold remediation.

Mold growth is rapid after floods and water leaks  and super storms like Hurricane Sandy only amply the conditions prime for mold and microorganisms to breed. Once excessive moisture is under control, ShockWave disinfectant helps improve indoor surface and air quality and eliminates the chance of mold infecting a home or business after treatment.

Mold Disinfectant Safety

Safely use ShockWave disinfectant on hard surfaces including glass, tile, stone, and soft or porous surfaces such as carpet, drywall, pine boards, and wood framing lumber in basements, bathrooms or attics. All interior rooms and storage areas are environments where mold thrives due to moisture caused by flooding. Mold and mildew stain removers provide fast-acting mold growth relief on almost any surface.  Future mold appearances in damp and hard to maintain areas are possible without the penetrating cleaning power found in ShockWave disinfectant.

Toxic mold grows on wood and many surfaces that retain water or were exposed to excessive moisture for long periods of time. MMR commercial-grade ShockWave disinfectant kills and protects against that mold, mildew and fungi.  The damage from Hurricane Sandy continues to plague home and business owners. Stop the constant threat of mold quickly, effectively and eliminate the constant worrying that mold will find a way to infect your environments. ShockWave disinfectant puts recovery and restoration within your reach.