MMR Mold Remover – Helping Hurricane Sandy Clean Up

MMR Rapid Mold Stain Remover helps clean up after Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has devastated several areas in the United States. People think that once the flooding issue was resolved everything will be able to get back on track. There’s one problem with that. Flooding leads to one other deadly issue. That deadly issue is mold. Mold is a silent killer that if not treated can cause serious health issues.

It is said that many homes that were affected by hurricane sandy got volunteers to help out to deal with the mold issues. But, now they are finding out they didn’t kill all of the traces of mold and it’s starting to affect people’s health. At Fast Mold Removal we have the product that will kill all traces and let people live in their homes again.  MMR Mold Remover is the product you want to be using.

MMR Mold Remover is proven to get rid of the mold in a matter of minutes. MMR Mold Remover will not only get the surface area of the mold but it will also penetrate the surface to kill the mold growing in the wood or other hard surfaces.

Homeowners that were affect are told to use bleach as soon as they spot mold growing. But bleach can only do so much. MMR Mold Remover is specifically made for mold removal. At Fast Mold Removal we stand by our products and guarantee that you will be satisfied with your results.

If your house is contaminated with mold and bleach is not doing the trick. Use MMR Mold Remover. It has been tested several times and at Fast Mold Remover we know that it will get the job done. We recommend that you get professional help to use our product.

If you are removing the mold yourself follow these simple steps for an effective way to remove the mold.

Steps for Mold Removal Process

  • Get rid of all water
  • Isolate the contaminated area
  • Get rid of the dust
  • Remove all wet and mold-damaged porous materials
  • Use MMR Mold Remover to clean
  • Visibility test to make sure its visibly free of contamination
  • Dry the cleaned materials
  • Replace all moved materials


*Our Products, if not used properly, can harm the person using them. Using the proper safety equipment is mandatory. We sell all products you will need for to get the job done right.