Mold Remediation – Hurricane Sandy Clean Up Teams

Professional Mold Remediation Experts help clean up Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy caused massive amounts of water damage to the East coast and but even after the waters receded, mold has moved in. Many homes were affected by the hurricane waters and most of them will now have to deal with mold remediation in some form or another. In a lot of these cases, professional mold remediators will have to be brought in to assess the situation, remove the mold and repair the damages. When mold is caught early enough, homeowners can deal with the problem themselves by using some basic household chemicals, such as bleach, however it is recommended that a professional mold remover is used over bleach which can only stop minor mold problems. Any serious mold problem requires the use professional grade disinfectants, removers and techniques to get the job done.

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We at Fast Mold Removal offer a selection of professional grade mold remediation products perfect for mold remediation teams big and small dealing with victims of Hurricane Sandy and the level of destruction they are seeing. We can provide all the equipment necessary for mold remediation ranging from the protective gear needed to protect workers from airborne spores to the sprayers used, as well as the stain removers, disinfectants and antimicrobials used in them.

As many mold remediators know, mold is a serious concern that if not handled quickly or using the proper techniques and equipment, can cause not only costly damages to a home, but also serious health problems. These can range from allergies and asthma symptoms worsening greatly to even more serious illnesses in people who have weaker immune systems such as the elderly or those recovering from having been sick.

This is why mold remediation is a huge concern with dealing in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The cost of mold remediation in smaller homes can be pricey but the cost of mold remediation is worth the price spent to prevent further health issues.

Along side of health concerns is the danger in that mold can grow quickly and quietly. Homeowners may have no obvious indication of mold in their homes yet just inside their walls could be an entire blanket of fuzzy, spore producing mold. There is no easy way to detect mold when it isn’t clearly growing on a surface and while mold does develop a smell, it isn’t always prevelant enough to notice. Therefore it’s very important to investigate any trace of water damage thoroughly for signs of mold, whether it is there or not airing out water damage is definitely recommended to prevent mold from appearing.

Mold remediation is a dirty task that requires a lot of attention to detail. When done properly, mold remediation prevents damages to your home and health issues to your family. It is important to use professional grade mold remediation products like the ones  we at Fast Mold Removal can provide to fully resolve even the toughest of mold problems such as those that many homes will be experiencing on the East coast.