Mold can leave stains on fabric if left too long.  Here are some steps to follow for mold stain removal.

  • Start by taking the item in question outside, to prevent the spread mold spores indoors, and brush or wipe off as much of the mold off as you can.
  • Allow the item to dry in the sun for a while. Direct sunlight can often kill many different types of mold spores.
  • After plenty of sunlight has been distributed over the item, presoak it in cold water with a MMR and water solution, color safe cleaner if it has colors in it. After the soaking period, machine wash it with warm water and detergent.
  • Lemon juice and salt in cold water has also been used reported to work on colored fabrics, as well as a vinegar solution to aid in smell removal.
  • Hang the item in the sun again to dry.

Mold will leave stains but by using these steps and washing materials in this manner, you will have removed the mold and most likely the musty smell as well, however removing mold stains is an entirely different matter.  MMR mold stain remover is a great resource to remove mold stains.  Before using on fabric, be sure to check an area first for color fastness.

Tell us about your experience with removing mold stains from fabrics.  We would love to hear from you.