MMR mold stain remover is rapidly becoming the product of choice within the mold remediation industry for its ability to eliminate the need for scrubbing, sanding and blasting mold stains.  Incorporating MMR into work in attics and crawl spaces has allowed mold remediation contractors to reduce labor hours, increase net profits while being able to competitively bid on projects – at the same time satisfying customer demand for cleanly restored wood, free of mold stains.  It is a win-win for the contractor, and the consumer who often doesn’t find value in the cost of media blasting

MMR is a game-changing product for mold remediation projects involving wood building materials.  It provides for a fast and easy spray application that instantly removes mold stains on contact.  MMR penetrates the porous nature of contaminated building materials, quickly leaving surfaces clean and free from troublesome mold stains.

“MMR is a proprietary blend of EPA registered ingredients including surfactants and an aggressive hypochlorite solution,” reported Chris Heller from, the innovators behind MMR.  “This combination is particularly effective and shows results far superior to those exhibited by peroxide-based products. The stain removing power of MMR exceeds anything currently on the market.”

MMR is available to contractors at a discounted price after completing the contractor registration process online at or by calling the Contractor Sales Desk at 708-441-7982.