, the innovators behind MMR mold stain remover – the most rapid mold remover on the market, supports healthy schools.


Frankfort, IL, April 7th, 2014


For over a decade, National Healthy Schools Day has shined the spotlight on the indoor air quality (IAQ) of our nation’s schools.  This year, National Healthy Schools Day is observed on April 8th and is coordinated by the Healthy Schools Network in partnership with other agencies and organizations.


The National Healthy Schools Day website provides a wealth of information and words of support from leading educators, politicians and environmental professionals. Bob Perciasepe, Acting Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency is quoted,  “Protecting children’s health where they learn and play is one of EPA’s most important responsibilities. Harmful pollution in and around school environments can affect our kids’ health and the quality of their learning. That’s why National Healthy Schools Day is so important. When we send our kids to school, we should feel confident that we’re sending them to a classroom that is healthy and safe.”


When the “great recession” hit most parts of the country several years ago, schools saw their operating budgets dramatically shrunk in many districts.  This resulted in numerous postponed preventive maintenance projects and temporary building repairs that can create conditions conducive to mold growth, a common problem in many schools.


“ supports increased awareness of indoor air quality issues in our nation’s schools and the efforts of National Healthy Schools Day,” said Chris Heller with  “Students, teachers and faculty exposed to high levels of mold can develop health concerns related to allergies, asthma and infections.  IAQ pollutants, such as mold, interfere with learning and can increase the rate of absenteeism.”


For schools dealing with mold problems, provides access to professional grade mold remediation and prevention products, applicators and personal protective equipment (PPE).  They include popular products such as MMR mold stain remover – the most rapid mold remover on the market, MPI antimicrobial, HydroKlenz and ProClear to name just a few. 


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