www.FastMoldRemoval.com is proud to now distribute the Predator 1200 – Portable Air Scrubber.


 Description:  The Predator 1200 delivers heavyweight performance in a lightweight, virtually indestructible rotational molded cabinet.  Its plastic housings hold up much better when exposed to MMR than the metal housings of competing, metal scrubbers.  With a lifetime cabinet warranty, it weighs just 70lbs and provides a peak airflow of 1,000cfm.  The Predator 1200 is ultra quiet with an operational sound level of only 62-67 dBA taken at 5 feet.


The true HEPA filter in the Predator 1200 maintains its initial 99.97% efficiency rating job after job, month after month, saving thousands of dollars in filter replacement costs per year.  


Cost:  $1,589.00