MMR mold stain remover, distributed exclusively at, is a powerful tool used in the remediation of mold and mildew.  As demonstrated in our videos it provides unprecedented results in quickly removing mold stains from most building materials – including OSB, plywood, hardiboard, framing materials, decking, concrete, cinder block, composite decking, etc.  As many have told us – the mold just seems to disappear.

But, we are often asked, “So, what actually happens to the mold?”

Knowing that MMR has been used successfully in hundreds of millions of square feet of mold remediation, we had a pretty good, commonsense idea of what was happening.  However, we thought it would be interesting to send MMR to a third party lab.  The idea was to test MMR against three molds commonly found in buildings following water events.  So, pieces of plywood and wall stud were exposed to the molds until a point that they had flourished.

Aerobiology Laboratory out of Denver handled the testing.  Photos were taken from both surface- and sub-surface levels.  Results showed that MMR is highly destructive to mold and its morphology. 

We’ve made a copy of the report available here:  MMR Product Testing Report

As we suspected MMR caused some serious damage to all three types of mold.  Not only were the stains removed from the surface, but the root system (hyphae/mycelium) that grow below the wood’s surface was dramatically impacted. 

We hope this report will help you better understand MMR’s end results on mold.